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Rolls Royce AGT : Industrial RB211 gas turbine


Over 750 Industrial RB211 gas turbine systems sold with over 34 million operating hours

Siemens industrial gas turbine systems have been supplied to the worldwide oil and gas and power generation industries for five decades. During this time close to 4,000 gas turbine systems have been sold with over 200 million hours of operation to date. The Industrial RB211 Gas Turbine Package Siemens provides advanced aero–derivative gas generators, combined with proven industrial power turbines and the packaging know–how to create Industrial RB211 gas turbine drive systems. These systems are combined with compressors, pumps or electrical generators to create complete machinery solutions for many applications, both onshore and offshore. The Industrial RB211 gas turbine package matches a Siemens Industrial RB211–G or Industrial RB211–GT gas generator to either a Siemens RT62 or RT61 power turbine. Auxiliaries such as intake air filtration, acoustics, lubrication, starting and wash systems are all part of the scope of supply. Performance in the Field Siemens gas turbine systems have been refined through experience, including remote and offshore applications where availability and reliability are of crucial importance. With superior performance retention and relative ease of overhaul, Industrial RB211 systems provide an ideal solution for today’s applications. Total system efficiency can be enhanced by adding exhaust heat recovery equipment to produce steam or hot liquid for local area heating or process needs. A primary factor in the success of the Industrial RB211 is our dedication to excelling in complete aftermarket support. Encompassing worldwide parts inventory, skilled service technicians and the on–going development of performance–enhancing upgrades, the Siemens commitment to integrated solutions continues throughout the equipment life cycle. 

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