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Control Product

The PC assumes an important role in industrial communication. Combined with real-time applications, e.g. in a Windows environment, it forms an ideal basis for visualization (e.g. WinCC). Together with SoftControl software the PC handles communications tasks that could only previously be solved using a programmable controller. 

The SIMATIC NET PC communications processors offer the following benefits:

  • CPs for PCI, PCI Express, 32-bit Cardbus format or USB

  • They offer flexibility regarding the resources required by the PC: CPs with or without an internal microprocesor

  • Simple integration into the system environment and office applications using open and standardized interfaces, e.g. with the OPC server.

CPs with an internal microprocessor:

  • CP 5603

  • CP 5613 A2

  • CP 5614 A2

CPs without an internal microprocessor:

  • CP 5512

  • CP 5611 A2

  • CP 5621

  • CP 5711

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