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Communication Identific


Whichever RFID system or code reading system you connect to SIMATIC PLCs, PCs or PLCs from other manufacturers: the communication module provides for the necessary adaptation. In doing so, communication modules can be employed both for production and logistics applications. With the function block FC/FB 45, the readers of all RFID systems as well as code reading systems SIMATIC MV420/ MV440 can be handled standardized. This ensures that existing applications are operational immediately and do not have to be rewritten when another reader type is used.


Greater Visibility, Better Control – with SIMATIC RF

RFID from Siemens opens up new possibilities by making your entire production and supply chain visible. You can monitor your material flows at all times. You know exactly what is where and when, you can plan efficiently, and you can modulate your processes precisely.


We offer you the right solution for your industry and your field of application. For the mid-range and compact environment, high-frequency solutions (HF RFID) are suitable. Our modern systems in the ultra-high-frequency band (UHF RFID) stand out thanks to their considerable ranges, high read speeds and the opportunity for bulk reading.  Expand your knowledge – with RFID from Siemens.

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